What social media platforms does Brand Update work with?

Currently, Brand Update specializes in content generation and sponsorship across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube, with an added provision to manage and post Blogs on a regular basis, on the client's platform of choice.

What if I haven't done anything on social media and don't even have any profiles set up?

This is not a problem; we can offer set-up assistance including content creation and getting the design elements you need.

I want more likes and followers. How can you help?

This is a very common request, to which our opinion has always been and still is, these aren't the only numbers that matter.

At Brand Update, we are about genuine, steady growth. We will never suggest that you effectively 'buy' followers or likes, or engage in other questionable tactics just to pump up numbers on the surface. Those numbers mean little if people aren't actually interested in or engaging with your business. We focus on making connections and providing value; not boosting the number of likes and followers at any cost.